This is fantastic creative material. We produce it ourselves and we create a lot of things: masks, toys etc…

Creative workshops on sculpting and pressing shapes out of plaster moulds using recycled paper pulp.

During the workshop we will talk about how paper is produced and how long wood cellulose has been used to produce it, and why in the past best-quality paper was made from linen or cotton rags.

Our paper pulp from recycled newspapers is produced in exactly the same way as in paper mills. To make it suitable for sculpting, vegetable glue is added as a binder. What we obtain as a result a clay-like material with visible cellulose fibres. It is reversible, which means that after drying it can be re-soaked in water and recycled again. During the workshop 3D shapes will be sculpted or pressed out of plaster moulds. The mass dries after about 3-4 days in its thinnest layer. The larger the sculpture, the more time it takes to dry. Once it has been dried, the final shape can be sanded and painted or covered in gold flakes. Dried paper pulp can also be impregnated with acrylic resin, which makes it water resistant. We have various plaster moulds and templates regarding the rich biodiversity of our climate zone.