Ecological contest „Master of Recycling” for kids

Our ecological education project in the form of an ecological contest entitled “Master of Recycling”, implemented on the basis of new means of communication (i.e. applications), was launched in 2011.

We have been developing interactive teaching and information aids and share them in the Internet free of charge.

We have already developed three publicly available applications:

  1. The place of action of the first one (Max is sorting waste) is a modern municipal waste sorting facility, where the player, with the use of most advanced available technologies, selects five basic groups of raw materials (ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, organic waste, paper and cardboard, glass, hazardous waste, various types of plastics (PET and PE).
  2. The second game (Leader of electrorecycling) is an application about disassembly of a refrigerator. It draws attention to the problem of protection of the ozone layer and the impact of coolants on the natural environment, and also teaches proper handling (sorting) of WEEE.
  3. We teach how to sort packaging materials in a correct way (in the “Culture of sorting” application).
  4. This year we are implementing the fourth project “Electrorecycling League” about conservation of natural resources through recycling of secondary raw materials.

We believe that too little information on the environmental debt of a contemporary man gets to the wider community in Poland and that too little information about the depletion of natural resources is disseminated in the mass media in Poland. We decided to dedicate to these topics the fourth edition of our Master of Recycling competition and our fourth web application: Electrorecycling League.

The application refers to the European standards for resource management, resource conservation, as well as for recovery and recycling of secondary raw materials contained in waste – and therefore is universal. It can be successfully implemented anywhere. Today the only barrier to accessibility is the language of our applications or, in other words, educational games. For now, the application is in Polish, but nothing prevents translating the descriptions and commands into English.

Our ecological contest entitled “Master of Recycling”is an innovative competition in Poland and the only one that transfers the knowledge in the field of environmental education and sustainable development to this age group through online applications in the form of simple educational games.

In fact, anyone can play our games, not just children. You can go through the applications in a matter of minutes, gaining knowledge in a nutshell. We live in a pictorial society.  The image gets through much faster than any written content.

We are using a technology, thanks to which we can realize how important our behaviour is and how easily we can contribute to the recovery and recycling of raw materials — quickly and easily, with the help of several images, simply by playing a few levels of the game. Nowadays, the virtual world and the real world are strongly interconnected and they intermingle with each other. A gesture made in the virtual space matters, because it is followed by an increase in the ecological awareness.

At the moment, we have a set of teaching aids that very widely demonstrate the issues associated with the selective waste collection and the operation of the municipal waste, packaging waste and WEEE management systems, as well as the problems associated with the depletion of natural resources and the need for recycling in the world on the path towards sustainable development.


Contact person for more info about the Project:

Agnieszka Oleszkiewicz mob. +48 608 633 593